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I was taking a break from my recent anime binge the other night and decided to see what the capricious Netflix spirits had for me that contained live people.

Thank you, Netflix spirits!

The plot of the film is pretty straight-forward; there’s a beautiful movie star who is getting married to her novelist boyfriend, but they are being hounded by the paparazzi. To avoid the press, the couple flee to a tiny island in the Outer Hebrides where the author’s book was set but they are followed. To throw a persistent paparazzo off the trail when the bride goes missing, a local girl gets roped into standing in as a decoy. Hi-jinks ensue.

The scenery is beautiful, the accents are thick, and I found the dialogue engaging. There’s quite a bit of snippy verbal sparring that was quite humorous and there are a number of running jokes that pop up from time to time, like how nothing in the author’s book matches the island (he Googled everything) and this one adorable old lady who keeps talking about a whale. How can you not love a movie where the two lead characters meet in a public toilet and one of them pretends to be the ghost of a drowned cow?

Yes, the plot is fairly formulaic – anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy can guess what’s going to happen – but it is very well-done. It’s like taking the scenic route to your favorite place; you know the way but you can enjoy the scenery. And who knows, maybe you’ll see the Tenth Doctor dressed as a Scottish Huggy Bear.

This is not a Photoshop – this shit happens. He also plays the bagpipes.


Along with about a million other people, many who looked like they were in the same theater as I was, I went to see The Hunger Games.

Ooh, flamey.

Those who are fans of the book will be happy to learn that it stays fairly faithful to the source material and the plot is pretty much the same. There are a few minor tweaks; the pacing is much faster, the training period before the Games is shortened as are the Games themselves, and the history of the mockingjay pin is changed. The most notable changes I saw were Peeta’s injury, (which is much more severe in the book) the absence of the gift of bread from Rue’s district, a shortening of the “prim and pamper” segments, and the lack of Katniss’ brush with severe dehydration. I didn’t miss the “primp and pamper” too much, but the other parts were some of the best parts of the book.

Overall the movie was in many ways better than the book, in my opinion it even works well as a stand-alone movie for people unfamiliar with the book. The scenery was beautiful, but I’m slightly biased as much of the filming occurred in my home state of North Carolina.