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The Evil Eye

Maggie is a very sweet, if completely bonko, cat. She does, however, obsess over certain things.

This is her “watching” face.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this view.

If it looks like Maggie has her head inside a bucket, that’s probably because she does. And what was she looking at so intently?

She’s yarn-crazy.


Look, Up In The Sky!

I have a new pen.

A super classy pen.

It looks pretty tame, but you see that button on the side? Look what happens when you press it.


I found it in the school supplies section at Wally World among a vast cornucopia of different geegaws and widgets. (I went looking for a dry erase board and came out with index cards, a batsignal pen, and no dry erase board. So it goes.) It might be nostalgia talking, but I don’t remember school supplies being this mad fancy.


It’s a new word; it means something that kind of cute but still a little on the squicky side.


Like this baby octopus

I’m A Pillow

Shhh … I’m hiding from Fearless.

Sleepy Kitty

Watch This!

I started giggling when saw this. It’s just … giggle-inducing.

I Got Another One!

It’s from Russia this time, which I think is a first. I’ve sent a few there, but haven’t received any.

The card has a drawing of a domovoi on it; according to the sender they are house spirits that will care for you, clean your house, and love cats.

I want one.

Happy Face!

So I am. Enjoy this picture of Fearless sleeping with her face pressed against a wall.

One thousand square feet of house and she shoves herself into the corner. Of course she does.

Fridge Logic

I tend to think too much about things that don’t really matter. Like this, for instance.


Soup and cracker mugs


At first glance I think, “Oh, that’s kind of clever in an I’d never buy that kind of way” but then I got to thinking. The mug’s whole purpose is to have a place to put your crackers while you are enjoying soup – but where do those crackers end up? In the soup! Therefore the little cubby-thing is pointless since you’d transfer the crackers from their container into that little cubby-thing – which is right beside the soup! – and then that yet another step to move the crackers from the cubby-thing to the soup.

I really don’t want to put that much effort into a bowl of soup.