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I have a superpower.

Whenever I open a bottle of Dr. Pepper (the name-brand stuff, not the store brand) it explodes.

I’m not kidding; Every. Single. Time.

It happened again on Saturday; I was preparing to enjoy my delicious grilled cheese sandwich (I live a luxurious life) and decided to quench my thirst with a refreshing beverage.

Enter my nemesis – Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Oh, Doctor ... I both love and fear you.

I approach the bottle cautiously, the way you would act if you saw a spider you were not sure was poisonous or not. Gripping it firmly, I gave the top a cautious tweak.


“Okay,” I thought, “that’s not bad, just a little gas. And there’s a few bubbles, that’s expected. maybe this time …

Oh, hell.”



Dark red liquid went everywhere. Me, the table, my plate, the floor, a few cats that were hoping for a handout; everywhere. And of course I had to clean it up before it dried and got sticky, which meant a dish towel and a few rags were added to the list of casualties. And the cats were just thrilled that they had been sprinkled with a liquid.

My sandwich was cold by the time I was able to enjoy it, but I did have my glass of Cherry Dr. Pepper.

It tasted like sweet revenge.


Doctor … what?

Up until a week ago I have never ever seen an episode of Doctor Who.

I will pause for gasps from the geeks in the audience now.

:checks watch:

:opens new tab and starts playing Angry Birds:

:checks watch again:

Look, you’re eventually going to need to breathe out again.

I wasn’t feeling well on Monday so I stayed home from work. I was browsing through my Netflix queue and stumbled upon the Doctor Who series I had added I can’t even remember how long ago. I’ve always liked British movies and TV shows and had heard about the show for years and years but other than the bits and pieces I picked up on the ‘net, but I have never seen an actual episode, so I decided “What the hell” and started it.

And then watched eleven more episodes in a row.

I am beginning to understand why the show has amassed such a huge following – it’s terrific. Very engaging and imaginative, a nice mix of serious and silly. I still haven’t seen any of the episodes from the original series, but I do plan on adding them to my list. After that I’ll probably want to watch theses episodes over again, I’m sure they are chock full of in jokes that I’m not getting. For one example, I thought his name was Doctor Who, but it isn’t. He doesn’t have a name, he’s just The Doctor. I didn’t know that.

And I’ve decided what I want for Christmas this year.

The Doctor

Dear Santa; Bring me this, pretty please. You don't even have to wrap him.