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It’s time once again for Cooking With Ghostie!

Today we will be making powdered drink mix, which is super-easy. You only new a few items and there is almost no prep time. My cats could probably make this if they had thumbs. I’m sure Martha Stewart or that chick with the cooking show, Whatshername, has done this before – but I haven’t, so there.


  • approx. 1 cup sweetener of choice (I’m using sugar)
  • 1 envelope unsweetened drink mix
  • airtight container
  • funnel (optional, depending on container)
  • candies (optional)
  • grinding apparatus (optional)

Mmmm, peach mango.

Measure out about two-thirds of your sweetener into your container and add the drink powder on top, using your funnel if the opening is narrow.

It will look a bit like bad sand art.

Add remaining sweetener and place lid on container. Small jars and bottles work best, I love this one I picked out of the break room trash can because the top is wide enough for a spoon, but anything that you can close up tight will work.

Now shake! You really have to work it to get the fine powder to disburse evenly into the sweetener. You could also pour everything into a bowl and stir, but that’s not much fun.

And that’s it; just add 2-3 spoonfuls to a glass of water, stir, and you have a ready-made drink.

It's like a tiny waterfall of sweetness.

A few tips;

  • Replace some of the sweetener with ground-up hard candy – I like mixing in Dum-Dums but any candy should work. If you do not have a mortar and pestle you can put the candy in a plastic bag and crush it into a powder with a rolling pin or canned good. You can get an interesting mix of flavors this way.
  • The 1 cup measurement is just a guideline based on the instructions on the drink mix packet, you can use less if you prefer your drinks less sweet.
  • Use the mix to sweeten your tea, unless you are one of those heathens who drinks it unsweetened.
  • Make sure the container you use is clean and throughly DRY before mixing up the powder. It will clump.
  • You can make up pre-measured packets using a bit of plastic wrap, I suggest adding a “jacket” made out of paper and tape to keep them from getting punctured.

Be prepared to get some odd looks if you whip out a small packet of white powder in public.


Please do not attempt to drink your monitor.


I have a superpower.

Whenever I open a bottle of Dr. Pepper (the name-brand stuff, not the store brand) it explodes.

I’m not kidding; Every. Single. Time.

It happened again on Saturday; I was preparing to enjoy my delicious grilled cheese sandwich (I live a luxurious life) and decided to quench my thirst with a refreshing beverage.

Enter my nemesis – Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Oh, Doctor ... I both love and fear you.

I approach the bottle cautiously, the way you would act if you saw a spider you were not sure was poisonous or not. Gripping it firmly, I gave the top a cautious tweak.


“Okay,” I thought, “that’s not bad, just a little gas. And there’s a few bubbles, that’s expected. maybe this time …

Oh, hell.”



Dark red liquid went everywhere. Me, the table, my plate, the floor, a few cats that were hoping for a handout; everywhere. And of course I had to clean it up before it dried and got sticky, which meant a dish towel and a few rags were added to the list of casualties. And the cats were just thrilled that they had been sprinkled with a liquid.

My sandwich was cold by the time I was able to enjoy it, but I did have my glass of Cherry Dr. Pepper.

It tasted like sweet revenge.