I love to order odd things off of eBay.

It’s a weakness of mine.

Since I can’t think of anything to write and I’m dying to try out the photo insert option, here is a review for one of my most recent purchases.

It looks like a plastic tongue

The front of the package - it looks like a tongue

I have no idea what it’s called since I only read English and my own handwriting, which is considered an unclassified language, So I have been calling it the Face Scrubbie Thing.

More indecipherable Asian writing

The back of the package.

It’s not as stiff as I thought it would be, kinda squishy and flexible, with all these tiny little teeth-peg-dealies and a weird handle thing on the back.

Behold my lovely Classic Pooh shower curtain

Side view - you can kinda see the little teeth

Hi there, pink tongue thing!

Back view - thats the knob thing

It’s a little weird to use, according to the photos on the back of the package you are suppose to stick your index and middle fingers through the hole thing in the back and grip the knob thing between the two. Kinda odd, but doable.

The texture of the little teeth feels a bit like a cat’s tongue, but plastic and not quite as coarse. Not really rough but sort of massaging. Feels nice. And it had a free mini-thingie in the package.

It's the world's oddest contact lense

The mini thingie that was in the package. Please ignore my hairy Hobbit arm.

I love free stuff!

Overall, a good purchase considering it cost about a dollar and had free shipping.

I really love free stuff.