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Seriously Twisted

It comes to no surprise to those who know me that I’m a giant animation geek.

I even enjoy the occasional Disney Princess movie now and again. (Except for the singing bits, I usually fast forward through them.) But there are times that I wonder, “What would happen if the good guy didn’t win?”

And then I did a search on DeviantART.

That is one freaky little girl.

I found the Twisted Princess series by jeftoon01 and it is one of the strangest, weirdest,  coolest things I have ever seen.

I actually own a print of this one. It's creepier in person.

There’s sixteen in the series (so far) and the detail in them is incredible. If you have actually seen the film the characters are just close enough to the original character that you could easily imagine the scene happening if things had gone differently and there are always little things included, like the cracked glass slippers in Cinderella. Most of them have a little story in the image discription that rationalizes why he made the choices he did for the artwork.

If you like your Disney a lot on the dark side, this series is for you.

He does a kick-ass Batman as well.


The Royal Treatment

Every little girl wants to be a princess at one time or another.




And don’t start with that “Not me, I was a tomboy” stuff.

I was a tomboy, I played with Tonka trucks in the back yard and dug holes big enough to use as foxholes. If it was socially acceptable, I still would.

Hell YES I would.

I still wanted to be a princess.

Not all the time, but I had my moments where I daydreamed about living in a castle and wearing long gowns studded with precious stones and flounced out the wazoo.

This is what I would wear to go grocery shopping.

I would stroll the battlements of our beautiful stone castle with my handsome husband and his washboard abs and we would pelt the occasional serf with rotten fruit and laugh.

Pictured : modern day England

I assume England still has serfs, right?

I’ve never been there but I have read quite a few romance novels.

There also seems to be a high ratio of handsome young noblemen looking for wives to ravish. All the women’s dresses appear to be made out of colored tissue paper and tear at the drop of a hat and are very badly fitted.

Their men's clothing seems ... adequate.

I am not alone in this particular dream; women, and a few very special men, dream about becoming princesses and enjoying everything that would come with that. An army of servants to cater to your every whim, the adoration of an entire country. Nothing but pretty dresses and all the imported chocolate you can eat.

This would be a good start.

Brides try to recreate this on their wedding day; they get the gown, the music, the setting, everything as close to that image of perfection they hold in their minds.It never quite does, but you get as close as you can.

And last Friday one former little girl got the real thing.

Not the best in-laws, but I'm sure she'll manage.