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Light My Fire!

As I haven’t done a Dollar Review for a while, I thought I would do one on the Permanent Match.

This is a permanent match.

This one of those things you can find all over eBay that looks like it wouldn’t work but really does. Mine’s a cylinder but they also come in a rectangular shape. Either way, the idea is the same. That little knob on top unscrews and a shaft comes out, that’s the “match” part of the thing.

Sorry it's so blurry.

The metal “match” is hollow, there’s cotton wadding stuffed in the end with a little steel tooth crammed in to hold it in place. You can’t really see the wadding in the photo, it gets all black and charred after awhile. You fill the little chamber with naptha, the “match” has a gasket at the top so it won’t leak. The little bar on the side is a flint; you make the fire the old-fashioned way, by drawing the little steel bit  down the flint very fast. There’s a lot of sparks and if you’ve done it right, some will land on the naptha-soaked cotton and set it on fire. It’s takes a bit of practice to get it right, but it does work.

Now, the downside – I’ve seen claims that the thing will light “10000” times and that might be true under perfect conditions, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The flint on the side wears down a little bit each time you swipe it and not every swipe will work perfectly. The flint is just barely the same size as the steel tooth, if you don’t get them lined up perfectly you end up gouging bits of plastic out of the sides of the notch it rests in. If you leave the match tip burning for any length of time, the cotton wadding gets burned up and I’ve yet to find a way to get the little steel bit out so I can change it. I would really prefer a design where I could add more wadding, once it gets burned up the thing is nearly useless.

But when it works, it works very well.



Final verdict – For my ninety-nine cents and free shipping, I thought the permanent match was worth it. I wouldn’t want to depend on it to light a campfire in the darkest jungles of Borneo, but it is a nice novelty to have around.



Since my last review of a product went so well, I thought I’d give it another try.

Judging solely by eBay listings, Asian people have an unnatural obsession with their ears.

Which brings us to today’s item up for review – the Flashlight Earpick!



While it may sound like a terrific band name, this is in fact a tiny flashlight that comes with three different clear plastic tip attachments that you are supposed to stick in your ear.


Hey, my flash works!

There are dozens and dozens of these things on eBay, some are slightly different colors but it’s basically the same thing; a little flashlight with plastic bits you stick in your ear. There are three bits, a small scoop, a larger scoop, and what are suppose to be tweezers.  You are supposed to use these high quality tools to remove wax and debris from your ear.

And the occasional earwig.

Since I don’t have many insects crawling into my ear to lay their eggs in my brain, I have used the little scoop on occasion to remove wax. It works about as you would expect, the flashlight portion really doesn’t help when it’s your own ear. Mother Dearest did use it to take a look at my ear to see it it looked inflamed during my last ear infection. It’s a good little tool if you need a tiny handheld light that you can get into tiny spaces. The light is pretty bright, the only real downside is I can’t figure out how to change the batteries but at $0.99 with free shipping it would be just as cheap to get a new one.

They also make nifty miniature light sabers.


Don't tell me you weren't thinking about it.

Paper or plastic?

I have a confession.

I … am a bag lady.

By that I mean I have reusable shopping bags that I take shopping with me. Not as often as I should, but I’m getting better.

I’ve made a ton of them, both sewn and crocheted, but I’d like to focus on two specifically that are easily available on the ‘net, cheap, and pack down small for ease of carrying.

These cute little guys.

First up – the strawberry bag.

I bought this one on eBay, they come in different styles with grapes, watermelon, and tropical fish looking to be the most popular. The patterns are different but the idea is the same; stuff the entire bag down into a corner and use a built-in cord to cinch it closed.

14 inches wide by 16 inches deep, with an additional 6 inch high opening for the handle.

The “strawberry” corner is made of a heavier canvas, but the bag itself is a thin nylon. A loop of red elastic cord is fed through the green “leaf” channel sewn to the top of the “strawberry”, which is about four inches deep by about five inches across.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much room and it has proven itself to be pretty sturdy. I’ve used mine numerous times and it has held up well. It doesn’t take up much room in my purse and it’s kinda cute.

You can find these bags all over eBay, the lowest price I have found is $0.99 with free shipping. The other styles are a little more depending on the pattern, perhaps up to $0.75 -$1.00 more. I think the strawberry is cute and it was the cheapest, so that’s what I got.

Next up – the penguin.

24 inches wide (16 inches folded flat) by 15 inches deep, with a 4 inch gusset on either side and an additional almost 8 inch handle opening, it folds down to a 5.5 inch by 3 inch by .50 inch rectangle.

I love this bag! It’s bigger than the strawberry and the material and workmanship is a bit better. It’s nylon as well, but a heavier weight and seems more durable. It was a bit pricier, $3.00 with free shipping, but it’s a nice big bag. I got it from DealExtreme, a site I eventually plan on reviewing.

I will say this, it took FOREVER to get this bag, over a month. Of the overseas sites, DX almost always takes longer. It was worth the wait, though. I got a great bag at a decent price. It came as “assorted color” but all the bags pictured were cute so I was willing to take a chance and I’m happy with what I got.

Just look at that face and those itty bitty feet!

If you are looking for a compact bag to take with you in the car, in you pocket, or in a purse, these two are great choices especially if you are only picking up a few things. When you have your own bag, you would be surprised how often you get a chance to use it.

Both are washable and dry quickly so if you have any messes or leaky stuff in them they are easy to take care of.

I like them for going to yard sales as well, people seem to appreciate the fact that you brought your own bag (and that you have quarters!)

I love to order odd things off of eBay.

It’s a weakness of mine.

Since I can’t think of anything to write and I’m dying to try out the photo insert option, here is a review for one of my most recent purchases.

It looks like a plastic tongue

The front of the package - it looks like a tongue

I have no idea what it’s called since I only read English and my own handwriting, which is considered an unclassified language, So I have been calling it the Face Scrubbie Thing.

More indecipherable Asian writing

The back of the package.

It’s not as stiff as I thought it would be, kinda squishy and flexible, with all these tiny little teeth-peg-dealies and a weird handle thing on the back.

Behold my lovely Classic Pooh shower curtain

Side view - you can kinda see the little teeth

Hi there, pink tongue thing!

Back view - thats the knob thing

It’s a little weird to use, according to the photos on the back of the package you are suppose to stick your index and middle fingers through the hole thing in the back and grip the knob thing between the two. Kinda odd, but doable.

The texture of the little teeth feels a bit like a cat’s tongue, but plastic and not quite as coarse. Not really rough but sort of massaging. Feels nice. And it had a free mini-thingie in the package.

It's the world's oddest contact lense

The mini thingie that was in the package. Please ignore my hairy Hobbit arm.

I love free stuff!

Overall, a good purchase considering it cost about a dollar and had free shipping.

I really love free stuff.