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On Thursday Mother Dearest and I went up to Charlotte for a bit as a sort of mini-vacation.

It's fun just to drive around, your ears flapping in the breeze.

We had been there last year and knew where all the good thrift stores were, so our one day would be well spent.

And of course we had to go to IKEA and of course I forgot my camera. If you do go to IKEA, the day to go is Thursday. That’s the day the restaurant has a roast chicken meal for $1.99. Very tasty.

I bought a pillow and then took a nap in one of the showrooms. Those IKEA folk said some very unkind things. Like it's my fault I sleep naked.

The next day, fully rested, we headed to our favorite area thrift store – the Goodwill Outlet Store.

:cue angelic choir:

This place is fantastic – it’s where all the stuff no one wanted to buy in the area Goodwills go to die. Basically it is a giant empty storefront filled with shallow blue bins. You push around these squarish plastic bins that look like trash cans and toss in what you want to buy. They weigh it and charge you by the pound ($1.39 regardless of what you’ve picked up) but things are just randomly heaped together so you have to dig through all the stuff to find something good.

It smells like dreams, dryer sheets, and sweaty socks. Esther and Camille here were looking for baby clothes for Esther's new great-grandbaby, I heard all about it AND Brother Raymond's colonoscopy while I was looking for shirts.

The fellas pushing out the new bins were swarmed as soon as they left the back room, it was scary at times. Whole Hispanic families and old black ladies followed the bins in clusters like baby ducklings; I feared for the young man’s health at times, people kept stepping on him as they tried to be the first to pick over what other people had discarded. Every time he brought out a new bin he would have to shout at everyone to keep back until he had it locked in place. There were even blue lines painted on the floor and the people had to stay behind the line until the wheels were locked. You could hear them yelling “Keep behind the line, people!” all over the store. Then it was like those nature specials where a flock of vultures find the rotting carcass of a zebra.


I was also reminded of tossing out feed for chickens, but the zebra thing has a better visual.

For lunch we drove to the Charlotte location of the Grand Asia Market, which was every bit as awesome as the Cary location, but even more so. For one thing, they had even more kinds of bread.

Lots of bread.

Lots and lots of bread

Hi Mom!

Lots and lots and lots of bread. I did not know there were so many different ways to make bread.

I don't know what these things are, but I want to eat one.

I had a ham and corn bun, a chicken pastry thing, and a steamed pork bun. With a purchase from the bakery you got a free iced coffee, which was quite tasty.

Mother Dearest had beef and broccoli with fried rice, also quite tasty.

The oddest cupcakes I have ever seen, more like miniature angel food cakes.

I'd like to live in this display case.

This cake was in the end of the case nearest the register and it was situated so the berries were staring at you while you were checking out.

After shopping for a while and picking up a few things, we bought ourselves some bubble teas, Mother Dearest’s very first one, and headed out. On to another thrift shop!

I had mango, it was delicious. You could really taste the fruit.

Mother Dearest had strawberry, I think she liked it once she got accustomed to the tapioca.

It was a Value Village, which I like better than the Goodwill. They mark down stuff more, have different color tags that are either 25% or 75% off and a bunch of stuff that is stuffed into bags and sold really cheap. Not quite as good as the outlet bins, but good.

Although there are some things that do not need to be reused.

We also managed to find not one but two creepy clowns in the toy section.

Creepy bloated clown. it's eyes seemed to follow me.

Second creepy clown. I was afraid to touch it.

After a good meal we called it a day. That was the end of our only full day away from home, and we kept pretty busy. The next morning we bid farewell to our hotel’s teeny-tiny bathroom with the pocket door installed by Satan himself and headed home.

Behold the portal to hell.

After a stop at Yoder’s, a chain of bulk food stores we had visited when when visited Pennsylvania. We had seen the sign on the way to Charlotte but had been unable to find it. Uncle Google gave us the address and we stopped on our way home.

 Hi Mom!

Mother Dearest contemplates the selection.

Thus ended my awesome mini-vacation. I haven’t taken any pictures of what I bought, I’m still unpacking and washing and so forth. Hopefully in the next few days.


I can’t seem to think of anything interesting to write today.

I can think of plenty of things, but nothing I could coherently form into sentences and put into something resembling an interesting post. Here’s what I’m thinking of right now;

Skeletal trees, ghost trees, the white glowing bark.




That’s a weird word – Bark. 

Dogs bark.

Dogs like trees.

Trees have bark. 

Cats sharpen their claws on tree bark.

Cats don’t like dogs. Or is it that dogs don’t like cats?

We take tree bark and pile it around other plants, but it’s the skin of a larger plant. That’s strange. 

Our skin is like leather.

You can tan leather and dye it all different colors.

It would be awesome if you could dye your skin different colors. Like a tattoo but different.

You can’t tan your skin, it would probably kill you.

I bet Sharpie could make skin dye markers. That would be awesome.

I’d like to be purple. Or maybe turquoise.

Can trees be ghosts? Does Home Depot hold the fractured spirits of millions of vanished lives?

Do carrots feel pain? 

Can you coerce a vegetable?

What does strawberry brandy taste like?

White chocolate doesn’t have any chocolate in it, it’s just cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla.

I like vanilla.

I wish there was a vanilla-flavored melon. I bet that would taste good.

Nails are weird. What purpose do your nails serve other than to have something to scratch with?

I bet strawberry brandy would be good on vanilla ice cream.




Pudding’s a weird food. It’s not a solid but it’s not a liquid.

I wonder if you could make pudding into a non-Newtonian solid. That would be interesting.

Non-Newtonian Pudding.

I wonder if you could make a non-Newtonian cheese.

More foods should be available in aerosol form. Like ham. Or salsa. Maybe peanut butter, but not the chunky kind.



Chunk a bunk.

Chunky bunky Bunk-Bunk-Bunk.


Bunny comb.

Bunny combovers.


My ears are ringing.

Raspberry brandy would probably be better on vanilla ice cream.

Or chocolate.

 But not white chocolate, that would be too sweet.

Hey look – I wrote a blog post!